Laura Randgaard
Laura Randgaard
Executive coaching | Leadership development | Thought partner



We have unlimited potential when we are aligned in focused, meaningful work.

Whether you are an individual, part of a team, or not sure where your path is heading,
I want to help you find purpose and passion to maximize your impact.



Whether you are new to your leadership position or hoping to make a change, let me help you uncover your inner strengths and align your purpose to make a meaningful impact.

Problem Solving

Whatever challenges you face, I want to help you meet your challenges head on by aligning your organization’s activities with your broader goals.

Thought Partner

Always curious, I want to explore ways to promote positive energy and support growth and development through synthesis and curation of research and news.



Leaders who have worked with me are supported through guided reflection, allowing them time for focused assessment and action. I provide support through questions that enable leaders to distill and land on actions that can move them forward. Whether you are facing a specific challenge or need professional development, coaching may be  the step you need to help reach your goal.

Laura is a strategic, accountable, and relationship-driven leader who has inspired me to seek to continuously refine my essential leadership skills and balance ‘head and heart’ in my work.
— Molly Jacques, Sr. Director, Hennepin Healthcare

Problem Solving

As a consultant, I work with organizations on strategy, leadership development, staff planning, and the execution of concrete next steps. I also lead strategy deployment and work to identify and execute strategic plans, helping organizations focus their priorities and strategies to support differentiation. As a leader launching new services, I help identify and define work and staffing, support and manage timelines, and project manage both resources and people.

Working with Laura has been like a breath of fresh air.
— Marijo Ose, Healing Haiti
Laura has ability to help me use the tools I have but don’t always know how to use.